The Greatest Celebration of Life!!

There’s not any greater celebration on earth than providing music that unites a man and a woman in holy matrimony and the reception that follows. For 15+ years, I have focused on providing first class, family friendly, quality entertainment to over 1,000 brides and grooms and their guests.

Nearly 95% of the events I perform at every year are weddings/receptions. I am not a Club DJ, nor am I a radio DJ.  Therefore, you will get a professional, seasoned DJ thoroughly trained to perform at weddings.

Quality, Experience, Reputation, and Dependability  are just a few of the reasons why A DJ TO GO has become the Gulf Coast’s Wedding DJ of choice.

I guarantee I will be the ONLY  DJ  who works with you and performs at your event!!! I do not employ anyone else, nor do I sub-contract out events. I do not do the “bait and switch” routine. The last thing a bride and groom needs at a reception is a “surprise DJ” showing up to perform.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who you’re working with and who will be performing at your wedding?  I feel it is extremely important for a bride and groom to know exactly who will be performing at their wedding/reception.

My goal is simply to exceed all of your expectations of what you perceive a Disc Jockey to be. I take my job seriously and it shows. Ask anyone what they remember most about the last wedding reception they attended. They will either tell you the DJ was fantastic and they had the time of their life or the DJ was really bad and they went home early. That’s the difference between hiring a cheap DJ service and A DJ TO GO.

Performance Standards:

I will dress professionally for your event with military standards for personal hygiene.

I will play a variety of family-friendly music without any explicit lyrics.

I will never “hit” on your female guests.

I will treat all of your guests with common courtesy.

I will help you customize your reception exactly as you envision it.

I will be there for you at all times.

I will never drink alcoholic beverages at your reception, nor will I show up drunk.

I will never take smoke breaks or any other breaks. You will have continuous music that’s monitored from start until finish.

I will not talk on my cell phone nor will I send text messages while performing.

None of my “buddies” will show up at your reception.


Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding! I got so many compliments about how enjoyable and entertaining you were! Of course, I bragged on you and passed along your name and company name. You really made the reception fun and entertaining! Thanks again for such an awesome job!

Renee and Chuck

Dear Ron,

We want to thank you for the fantastic job you did at our wedding. You did an awesome job keeping the flow of events going smoothly. Thank you for that. Every guest raved about your coordinating skills, music selection…everything!! Thank you for the cool First Dance CD Plaque. We thoroughly enjoyed our day!!


Kirsten and Jimmy Buttrum


Thank you for the exceptional job you did as DJ and Master of Ceremonies you did at Jennifer and Chris’s wedding. You made it possible for us to mingle with our guests knowing that you were there to handle everything for us. We have been asked numerous times for your name and phone number and we were happy to pass it along. We highly recommend you to anyone needing a DJ for a wedding!!

Barbara and Jim Gray
Jennifer Gray’s Parents

Plan ahead!!! You should be making decisions for all of your wedding vendors now!!   Always book your entertainment as far in advance as possible!!! Don’t make the mistake and book your entertainment last. I often book events up to a year in advance. If you live in Pensacola  or the surrounding area, I will personally meet with you  for a free consultation before signing  a written contract. During our meeting, I will go over my exclusive 12 page wedding planner which I designed myself. The planner will walk you through all of the formalities of the wedding reception and allows you to custom design your reception just as you envision it. I always hear comments about “how well thought out and well organized it is”. Or “I never even thought about  that”.  I have just revised and added some new features to my planner for 2009.

I am a firm believer in the phrase “Pre Planning Prevents Poor Performance”.

Therefore, I spend countless hours before your reception to ensure the it has been meticulously planned and well coordinated. For every wedding I perform at, I spend an average of 15-20 hours from the time of our first meeting until the end of the reception.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know  your wedding will be worry free? Wouldn’t it be nice to hire a DJ who will exceed your expectations? One who cares deeply about his clients?

That’s why I’m here. I care just as much about your wedding and reception as you do. I care because I am a full time DJ and this is my full time job.

Once we contract, I will give you the wedding planner to take home with you. That will be your guide to customizing your wedding to meet your own particular wants and needs. I do not do “cookie-cutter” weddings where each is the same as the previous one. Your wedding will be unique because it’s the way you want it, not the way the other DJ’s wants to do it week after week!!

With the planner, you have flexibility to re-arrange, remove, or add any traditions. You may also list some of your favorite songs or types of music you’d like to hear. You may add any special family traditions. You may list some songs or types of music you wouldn’t want me to play. Maybe you have a special announcement or dedication you’d like me to make. I’ll do it all for you, and then more!!

I will meet with you again approximately two weeks prior to your scheduled event. At that time, I will go over your wedding planner to ensure everything is filled out correctly. If you need suggestions for songs or what your sequence of events should be, I can assist you then.   When you hire A DJ TO GO to perform at your event, I will take care of all the coordinating and all of the announcing from start until finish so you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and have wedding memories to last a lifetime!!! I will speak to your other wedding vendors to let them know what’s happening and when, so we are all on the same sheet of music. I will also speak to you during the reception to make sure you’re ready for the formalities. Communication is the key to the success of your event.  

Destination Weddings

Are you a bride and groom planning a destination wedding somewhere on the Gulf Coast? I can accommodate you as well!!! I do travel to Fort Walton, Crestview,  Destin, San Destin, Santa Rosa, and as far away as Panama City to the east. I also travel to Lillian, Foley, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fairhope, Daphne and Mobile, Alabama, and as far away as New Orleans to the west. I also travel north to Montgomery and as far away as Birmingham, AL for weddings.

With destination weddings, often times it’s hard to book all of your vendors from far away. Therefore, I will work with you very closely to make sure your event is just as well planned as a local bride’s and groom’s. I will spend as much time on the phone with you as needed. I do have a toll free number and a cell phone so you can call me anytime you’d like. We call also exchange as many emails or snail mail as we need to ensure your wedding turns out as you envisioned. Once again, communication is the key to a successful event, especially for those traveling long distances to have the wedding of your dreams here on the Gulf Coast.


Early Arrival

I will arrive at your chosen location at least an hour prior to scheduled play time. I do not charge for arriving early. I do not charge a setup fee. I will be ready to play at your event at least 20-30 minutes prior to contracted time.

Master Of Ceremonies and Host

As your guests arrive, I’ll greet them and let them know all of the announcements you’ve chosen to help them get settled. I will coordinate with all of your wedding vendors so they know what’s happening and when. I will also announce all of the wedding traditions so your guests will know what tradition is coming up next. “An uninformed guest is an unhappy guest” Think about the last time you went to a reception and the DJ never announced any of the formalities. Was it boring? Was it unorganized? Why risk it? Hiring an experienced professional Mobile DJ to perform at your wedding is absolutely essential!!

Professionally Dressed

Unless I’m told otherwise, I will dress in a full Tuxedo for weddings and receptions. My wedding planner has a place for you to check the way you would like me to dress, from the full tux, business suit and tie, dress pants with a shirt and tie, Khaki pants and a polo shirt, or a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. I do not want to be over-dressed or under-dressed.

Wedding Reception Manager

At a Wedding Reception, it takes all of the wedding vendors to work cohesively as a team to ensure the success of the event. Therefore, I will take charge and provide all the other Wedding Vendors the Sequence of Events we have discussed in our pre-event planning meeting. You will not need to hire a separate Wedding Planner for your reception because I’m your coordinator!!

Continuous Music from Start to Finish

I will play a variety of good, clean music from the time contracted until the end of your reception without any musical breaks. Unlike a band or some other DJ’s, I do not personally take any breaks when I’m working. You won’t find me outside taking a smoke break. You won’t find me at the Bar. You will find me entertaining your guests as that’s what I’m getting paid to do.

I encourage you to choose as many of your favorite songs as you’d like. It’s also important for you to let me know what types of music, particular songs or artists you don’t want to hear. One thing is for sure. Weddings are a family oriented event. I play a variety of music that’s been time tested throughout the ages that people can dance to. None of the music I play will have any explicit lyrics. I have music available from the 1920’s through current radio hits for you to choose from.

Volume Controlled Music

I will play the music at a comfortable listening level throughout the evening. During the cocktail hour and dinner, I usually play the music at a much lower volume so guests can enjoy their conversation. After dinner, I will play the music at a comfortable level, but not rock concert loud.

Common Courtesy

I will be courteous to all of your guests at all times!!! During dinner, I will walk around table to table and introduce myself and speak to your guests. I will introduce myself and ask if they need anything or would like to make a request. Often times, I’m mistaken for the wait staff and will be asked for a utensil or napkin. That’s O.K., I’ll get whatever they need!!!

Here’s a few important things to keep in mind:

I am there to work and do a professional job as a DJ, Master of Ceremonies, Coordinator, and Entertainer. Therefore, I will do my absolute best, at all times, to treat your guests with the dignity they deserve!!!

Budgeting Your Wedding Money

So how can you afford first class, quality entertainment? Here are some suggestions to help you budget your money better.

Are you set on having your wedding on a Saturday? If not, most wedding vendors give discounts for other days of the week to hold a reception as Saturday’s are considered prime time, and you’ll pay more for each service.

Consider a Friday night or Sunday late afternoon wedding. You’ll probably find more choices to host your reception. I’ve even performed weddings Monday through Thursday nights.

I do give discounts for weddings held on nights other than a Saturday.