Video Projection

Are you having a wedding reception and considering having a video montage at your reception?

How about a corporate meeting and need to display a Power Point Presentation?

Thinking of having a Video Dance party?

Looking to have a Karaoke Party and want the words facing your audience projected larger?

Are you adding Wii and looking to have it projected larger so everyone can see you play?

Don’t know where to get the right equipment?


Once again, I have your covered. A DJ TO GO has a state-of-the-art front/rear¬† L.C.D. projector and 5′ x 7′ video screen.¬† I can project your image from the front or rear of the screen with very little room needed. The screen is not one of the economical pull down screens like you may have seen in school or other receptions. It is a professional grade screen that snaps onto a frame and can be seen from the back of the room as well as the front.