How To Hire A DJ

Fantastic Entertainment Begins With
An Experienced Entertainer!!!

Quality has been the cornerstone of A DJ TO GO since 1996.  Nothing compliments the most memorable moments of our lives than fantastic entertainment. There’s no substitute for hiring a professional DJ, whether it be price ,”just a friend” who plays music on the side, or an MP3 player. Simply put, there’s no comparison!! Always hire a professional who has the experience, music, and proper equipment to perform at your next event.

When hiring a DJ, here’s something to remember,
“Cheap entertainment isn’t good”
“Good entertainment isn’t cheap”

Why Should You Hire A DJ TO GO ?

Anyone can purchase sound equipment and claim to be a Disc Jockey. Some, in fact, have done just that and thought they could claim to be a DJ without any experience as a performer or any education to run their business as a business. Sadly, most of these people don’t make it very long. Most are out of business in a year or less. Why? They thought it was “cool” to be a DJ and they didn’t take their profession seriously. Even worse, most developed a bad reputation because they played bad music and had very little performance skills and drove themselves out of business.

During your auditions for entertainment, selecting the right person is vital to the success of your evening. I understand the importance of education and experience. With my extensive entertainment experience, I continue to attend numerous seminars, workshops, and presentations in order to stay current in a business where the trends change constantly.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your entertainer. That’s why there’s no charge for my initial consultation and no obligation on your part. It is essential that you get to know me and for me to find out what your entertainment needs are before you contract my services. I will put years of successful experience and knowledge to work for you as we make your dreams come true.

Questions To Ask when shopping for A DJ

What type of experience does the DJ and DJ service have?

A DJ TO GO is a full time entertainment service. Ron Ralph, owner and DJ, has personally performed over 1,000 events in  15+ years as a Mobile Disc Jockey. When you hire me, you will only get me, Ron Ralph, to perform at your event. I do not hire other DJ’s, nor do I subcontract to other DJ’s, and I definitely do not do the “bait and switch”, where you hire one DJ service only to find out someone else does the event.

What type of music will the DJ play at my event?

A DJ TO GO will play a variety of good clean, family friendly music suitable for all ages. Anything  from the Big Band Era through current hits of today. I will discuss your musical selections and preferences during our pre-event consultation meeting. You may pick out particular songs you’d like to hear or genres of music. Or you may just leave the music selection to me. With A DJ TO GO, the music is in your hands.

**WARNING** Any music that depicts women in a demeaning manner, glorifies guns, drugs, and violence, promotes suicide and cop killing, or laced with profanity, will not be tolerated nor played.  If that’s the kind of music you are looking for, I am  not the DJ service for you.

What will the DJ wear and what will their personal appearance be like?

A DJ TO GO dresses professionally in  Tuxedo for formal events, unless otherwise specified, or will dress in casual attire for non-formal events. I will never dress in cut off shorts, jeans,  or a beer logo t-shirt for any event as some of my competitors do!!. I  maintain military grooming and hygiene standards.

Always ask  what the DJ’s attire will be!!! Never assume they will dress in appropriate clothing!!! I highly encourage a face-to-face meeting so you can see what the DJ looks like before your event. I don’t think you want someone showing up at your event looking like he/she belongs on “Planet of the Apes”.

What type of equipment does the DJ  use?

A DJ TO GO has  purchased a state-of-the-art DJ Power Computerized Sound System. The computer program is the same one used by Dick Clark Productions, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney’s Pleasure Island and other national production companies. DJ Power has the capability to mix Music, Karaoke, and Music Videos without any “dead air” between songs. Your whole event can be pre-programmed ahead of time with just a click of a button.

For speakers, I use the new Bose L1 sound system for professional musicians. The Bose system doesn’t look nor sound like any other DJ speaker you’ve seen before. The Bose system stands 7′ tall, is 6″ in diameter, and has 24 mini-speakers build into the tower, all angled in different directions so people can hear the music in the back or the side of the room just as good as if they were sitting in the front of the room. Most importantly, they do not have that overpowering, ear deafening sound of harsh frequencies like traditional speakers do.

I also use Shure SLX Series wireless microphones for the clearest sound when I speak without any drop outs.

When it came to purchasing equipment, I didn’t spare any expense. You deserve nothing but the best, and A DJ TO GO understands that.

Will the DJ be interactive and personable with the guests?

A DJ TO GO can design a fun and interactive evening with your choice of Audience Participation Dances, Games, and Ice Breakers.  If you’re looking for a more elegant and laid back event, I can design one to meet your need too. I will always be personable and courteous at all times!!!!!!

Be careful of “The Dead DJ Syndrome” . You know the type who just sit there and are nothing more than a human Juke Box. They do little and say little to get your guests up and dancing. Watch out for the “Economy Vehicle”.

Will the DJ eat, drink, smoke, or take breaks at my event?

A DJ TO GO has a professional code of ethics that I follow, therefore, I will never ever drink alcoholic beverages nor smoke at your event!!! You will get continuous music for the contracted time without any breaks in entertainment. I will not eat at your event unless I have been invited to do so.

FACT- Always ask if the DJ will take smoke breaks, or drink alcoholic beverages at your event. It is very unprofessional to drink alcoholic beverages or take smoke breaks while working.  I have no objection to your guests drinking and smoking, but a true professional DJ will never do those things while they are working. Are you allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at your job? Then why does the DJ need to drink alcoholic beverages or take smoke breaks while working his/her job?

How does the DJ service go about contracting?

A DJ TO GO likes to sign contracts in person, if at all possible. I never recommend signing a contract through the mail, email, or fax, unless you live out of town or out of state. I believe in PERSONALIZED SERVICE. I want to make sure you understand the contract terms and have you read over it before you sign it. Most importantly, if you have any questions, I can answer them on the spot for you.

FACT-You can’t buy a house in the mail. You can’t buy a car over the phone. You should never do business with anyone or sign anything through the mail nor agree to anything over the phone. You may be very surprised who shows up at your event.  Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes of your time by meeting the DJ ahead of time and doing a contract in person. Saving a few minutes now could save you years of heartache!!

FACT-Don’t get fooled into thinking you are obligated to some tactics other DJ services use such as making you think you have an obligation to book just because you called for information. They will tell you they have a “Verbal Contract” because you called them. Information is always free and does not obligate you to anything just because you called for a price quote. Nothing is guaranteed or legal unless it’s in writing!!!

Is the DJ service a legally licensed business and have proper insurance?

I have been a fully registered and licensed business in Florida since 1996. I carry liability insurance for performers just in case an accident happens. I pay federal taxes on all of my DJ income since this is my full time job. When calling around to get price quotes, ask if their business is licensed and insured. Go one step further and ask to see their business license and insurance policy. If they decline to show you, it’s just another sign they aren’t the right DJ service for you.

Some last tips and facts you should take seriously:

  • You don’t have anything unless it is in writing. Contracts should be done in person. Never over the phone, fax, or mail unless you live out of town or out of state.
  • Never say “Pencil Me In”. You are leaving yourself open to a No Show. Professional DJ’s always use a written contract and retain a deposit to hold your date.
  • Never have a “Friend” do music for your event.  Unless they do it professionally with professional sound equipment, never take this route!!! I have seen too many back out at the last minute and leave the client scrambling for music at the last minute.
  • Never hire the cheapest DJ service. As with anything else, you will get what you pay for. There are a bunch of DJ services in the $200 to $400 range, and they’re at that price for a reason. Most will be ill equipped with music, equipment, and experience. Would you hire the cheapest Doctor? Buy the cheapest house? The cheapest car? DJ’s price themselves low because they know exactly what they are worth.
  • Always ask for professional and personal referrals. Call the referrals before contracting. It may be time consuming, but I highly recommend it. If the DJ service gives you a hard time about it or snowballs you, forget them. They are hiding something. Please visit my reference page for a partial list of clients I serve on a regular basis.
  • Never hire a DJ who just DJ’s part time or “On The Side”. Being a DJ is a full time job requiring full time attention. Many don’t put in enough hours into being a true professional DJ, which results in poor performance. Would you hire a part time auto mechanic? A Part time Doctor or Attorney? Would you hire a part time contractor to build your house? Then why hire a Part Time DJ?

A DJ TO GO is your true professional Disc Jockey Service on the Gulf Coast.