There is a difference between professional sound equipment for DJ’s, musicians and home stereo products.

Just think back to the last event you were at where there was a DJ or a band…

  • Was the sound quality horrible?
  • Were the speakers old looking and all beat up?
  • Were the speakers making a “hissing or humming” sound?
  • Was the DJ’s voice  muffled and distorted like he/she was talking into a paper bag?
  • Did the microphone squeal, pop, or hiss when it was turned on?
  • Was there “Dead Air” between songs that seemed like forever?
  • Did the song skip because the CD was scratched?
  • Did the DJ table look disorganized with cords and equipment all over the place?

If so, you’ve experienced the “DJ Nightmare Syndrome” You can avoid the “Syndrome” by hiring A DJ TO GO to perform at your next event!!! All of my equipment is professionally rack mounted and set up behind a 5′ wide black podium and my speakers are placed directly beside or in front of it You won’t be able to see any equipment from the front, nor will you have to worry about tripping on any cords. Appearance and organization is a big part of being successful at an event.


Most DJ’s and bands use traditional “speakers on a stick” which are very loud near the speaker and very shallow in the back of the room. Most times, people in the front of the room will complain that the music is too loud while others in the back will say they can’t hear. Have you ever noticed that yourself? Most bands and DJ’s use “directional” speakers, meaning that the sound goes out straight forward through one large horn which provides ear-bleeding sounds when you walk by. Some of these speakers may be made cheaply and distort or sound “canny”.

bose Personal Amplification System

You’ve become familiar with  Bose for superior sound quality products for your home theater system. Now,  A DJ TO GO is proudly uses the Bose L1 System for professional musicians. This speaker system is a totally new approach to providing rich, quality sound in any room without hurting your ears, no matter where you’re sitting. Guests sitting near the speakers won’t be offended by the loud, ear piercing frequencies like other DJ speakers. Guests in the back can hear just as well as guests in the front.

With the Bose Personal Amplification System, the sound is projected in a 180 degree pattern for even dispersion throughout the whole room. The speakers don’t look nor sound like your ordinary speaker. Each L1 stands 7′ tall and is cylindrical with smaller speakers angled in different directions. The bass bins provide rich sounding bass at floor level.

I have four sets of these speakers available for use. I normally only need one speaker for small to medium sized rooms. I usually use two for medium to large sized rooms. For events held indoors and outdoors, I usually use two speakers inside and one outside. In very large rooms, I’ll use all four sets. As far as I know, I am the only DJ in the area who owns four sets of these speakers.

Computerized Sound System

A DJ TO GO  uses  DJ Power’s Lunch Box Computerized System. With this powerful system, I can carry tens of thousands of songs compressed into MP3 format. I can pre-program your whole event before I even get to the venue. I can find songs and re-arrange  your playlist within just seconds. The program allows me to mix one song into the next without any pauses or “dead air” between songs. Dead Air is a DJ’s worst enemy. If you hear of any DJ using Windows Media Player, Winamp, or Itunes to play music from their computer…run!!! Those programs are meant for home use and can’t mix songs from one to the other without “dead air”. The object is to have a smooth transition of music and keep guests on the dance floor. Guests will leave the dance floor with “dead air”.

Most professional production companies such as Dick Clark Entertainment, Carnival Cruise Lines, Miss America Pageant, Hard Rock Cafe’ and others, use this specially made computer. Most Mobile DJ’s do not use the system because it is expensive.  With DJ Power, I can completely program your entire event from start until finish

No illegally downloaded music here!!!

All of the music I have installed on my computers have come directly from  CD’s I own. I use a computer program which reads my CD’s and converts them into an MP3 file at a very high bit rate for better than CD sound quality. Best thing is, MP3’s will not skip like traditional CD’s. I then archive the CD. If you find a DJ who’s still using CD’s,, ask why when technology is available to program and produce an entire event ahead of time.

Know anyone who downloads music for free? Report those that do to the R.I.A.A.


A DJ TO GO uses two Shure SLX Series UHF wireless microphones. Each microphone system is multi-channel which allows me to pick out the clearest possible signal in your area for static free and drop out free reception. I currently have two hand held, wireless, SM-58 microphones for use to make toasts or other announcements without being tied to the DJ booth,  a headset microphone so I can make any announcements in your reception facility hands free, and a Lapel omni-directional microphone for wedding ceremonies.  Shure microphones sets the standard for others to follow!!!

Professionally Rack Mounted Equipment

Have you ever been to a wedding or party where you noticed the DJ had all kinds of wires all over the place? Did you notice any equipment just stacked one on top of the other? Was the DJ table clustered, messy, and disorganized?

No need to worry with A DJ TO GO. All of my equipment is professionally rack mounted in a table top, podium style case with all of the wires neatly tucked inside. Although I am completely computerized, I carry a CD player just in case a guest brings a CD.  The only things you will see on my table is the computer and podium case.

Back Up Equipment

You never know when equipment goes out. As a back up plan, I have another sound system and DJ Power Computer readily available in my van at all times. In 15+ years as a Mobile DJ, I have only had equipment failure twice. In both occasions, I was able to get things back up and running almost immediately.