About Us

Experience and Credentials

I have been a Mobile Disc Jockey since 1993. I was trained by, and worked for a National DJ Service for 2 1/2 years which allowed me to travel across the southeast region of the United States, giving me valuable experience performing at a variety of events for all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

In 1996, I started my own business, A DJ TO GO,  and have been a full time Disc Jockey since. Along with being a Mobile DJ, I also have experience as a Club DJ, Roller and Ice Skating DJ, and was a Radio DJ for a while. I worked as a DJ for the Pensacola Ice Pilots, an East Coast Hockey League Team during their second year at the Pensacola Civic Center. I became interested in being a DJ back in high school. During my junior and senior year, I attended Broadcast Journalism classes as an English elective. During those years, I was the Sports Announcer and Special Events Announcer for my high school radio program broadcast every Sunday. After high school, I was a Radio DJ briefly before joining the Army.

I have always been involved in music throughout my life, beginning as a youth. I sang in the church choir for many years. I also was a member of a few Drum and Bugle Corps. that marched in various competitions and participated in many parades and festivals. I played various Percussion Instruments, including Cymbals, Bass Drums, Triplet Drums and finally Quads. At one time, I played a guitar, but haven’t played in years.

I also have experience in the Performing Arts. I’ve  taken classes in Theater Arts and have performed in a few Theatrical Plays, including A Christmas Carol.  Performing in front of live audiences and speaking with enthusiasm and confidence is no problem for me.

Out of all the experience I have, being a Mobile Disc Jockey is what I love best as I can perform and interact in front of a live audience each and every time I work!!! With over 15 years of personal experience as a Mobile DJ, I can assure you will have a well-planned and smooth running event from start to finish!!!

I have attended numerous Disc Jockey conventions to improve my entertainment skills and business ethics. I regularly participate in online discussions with numerous professional Mobile Disc Jockeys from around the world.


I feel that education is the key to the success in life. If one can’t read, one can’t comprehend. Education teaches responsibility, wisdom, knowledge, time management and discipline  No matter who you decide to hire as your DJ, always ask what their level of education is.

I earned a B.A. Degree in Elementary Education from the University of West Florida. I hold dual teaching certificates in the State of Florida. I’m currently certified to teach Elementary Education, grades K-6,  and Physical Education, grades K-12. Due to the time and effort I put into each and every event I perform at, I decided to give up teaching to run my Disc Jockey business full time.

In many ways, being a teacher and Disc Jockey are very similar. In both careers, I have to set the example, be dependable, have social skills, speak clearly and concisely, plan and organize events, use proper time management, have organizational skills, lead large groups of people in organized activities, be able to improvise when the need arises, think and act quickly, and have self discipline.

Military Experience

I served in the U.S. Army from 1982 until 1993 before I was medically discharged for numerous injuries I received while on active duty. I tried to reclassify to a different career field to continue my career as a soldier, but my injuries prevented me from doing so.

I served in various capacities including M60 and M1 Tank Commander, Training and Operations NCO, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Re-Enlistment NCO, and finally as a U.S. Army Recruiter. As an Army Recruiter, I won the Gold Recruiting Badge with 3 Sapphire Stars, the second highest Recruiting award next to the Gold Recruiting Ring. I have also won numerous awards, decorations, and commendations for my dedication to duty.

Some of those same qualities and experiences I’ve learned in the Army and as a teacher are used in my business as a Disc Jockey today.